How To Become An Army Officer?

As a young person, becoming an army officer could be one of your biggest dreams. It’s good to note that there are several careers you can consider participating as an army officer. Most of us will not look deep into how you become an army officer. We rush into filling applications and forget about the requirements. In this article, therefore, we shall look at how to become an army officer. If it has been your thirst for this knowledge, then you have come to the right page. Consider reading the whole text and follow the following steps;

1. Understand the duties of an army officer

Responsibilities of an army officer will vary depending on the arm that one is working at, and the type of job that he does. There are two primary arms in an army, namely combat arm, and support division. In the combat arms, as an army officer, you could be a tank troop officer, helicopter pilot officer, infantry platoon officer among others. On the other side, you could be a health nurse, dental and medical support officer, chaplain, or a veterinary. Therefore, your area of expertise determines what type of officer you will become.

2. Check on eligibility

For you to be an army officer, you must meet the following requirements

•    Be 18 years of age and not above 28 years and 11 months

•    Meets the residency and nationality requirements

•    Pass the medical exam

•    Have a 4-year college degree

•    The ability for excellent communication and show a high sense of discipline

•    Be a team player and possess quality leadership skills.

•    Personal commitment and interest in the career

•    Be ready to follow commands from the top authority and serve the nation as a soldier

These are among the few tips that you must observe if you wish to join the army as an officer. Pay attention to each before you can consider sending your applications. If you can meet at least 90% of the requirements, then you can apply for the position.